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A wide variety of insects and wildlife live in close proximity to houses in Tulsa, which can lead to many problems. A number of insects form nests on or inside homes and may defend their territory by biting or stinging. Many wild animals will try to build nests inside of homes, causing damage in the process and possibly spreading parasites and diseases.

For the average homeowner, putting an end to a pest infestation is a nigh-impossible task. For thorough and effective pest control services in Tulsa, bring in a licensed pest control company.

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Champion Pest & Lawn strives to help homeowners in Tulsa keep their property free of all pests by offering reliable control, removal and exclusion services. Some of the most common pests in the area and the threats they pose are as follows:

  • Ants - Swarm around food, may be venomous, carpenter ants hollow out wood.
  • Termites - Bore into and weaken the integrity of wooden structures.
  • Spiders & Scorpions - May possess venomous bites and stings.
  • Bed Bugs - Cause skin rashes by drinking blood.
  • Bees & Wasps - Attack with venomous stings that many are allergic to.
  • Cockroaches - Contaminate your home with allergens and pathogens.
  • Mice & Rats - Cause extensive destruction to insulation and other materials, transmit bacteria and parasites.
  • Squirrels - Damage roofs and attics, carry various diseases and parasites.
  • Raccoons - Ransack garbage receptacles, damage homes, may carry rabies.
  • Skunks - Spray a noxious odor at people and pets.
  • Moles & Gophers - Destructively burrow through yards and gardens.

If your home in Tulsa has been infested by one or more of these pests, Champion's specialists will conduct an inspection to locate their home entry points and nesting sites. We'll proceed to either trap the pests for removal or exterminate them. To prevent future pest problems, our crew can apply exclusion materials to your home that will deter intrusion and nesting.

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If you've discovered a pest infestation in or near your home, you should have it professionally controlled. Contact Champion Pest & Lawn today for first class pest control services in the Tulsa area!



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