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Bagworm & Webworm Control in Oklahoma City, OK

Are you in need of webworm or bagworm control services in Oklahoma City?

Bagworms and webworms are both moth caterpillars that can become destructive yard and home pests in Oklahoma City. If you see strange nests formed of plant matter hanging from your trees, you have a bagworm infestation. Thick webbing coating tree branches is a sign of a webworm infestation.

Both webworms and bagworms will devour all of the foliage on your trees. This is particularly destructive to evergreen trees, which often die from severe bagworm and webworm infestations. These pests can also infest your home in Oklahoma City, eating everything from furniture to plaster. If you have a webworm or bagworm infestation on your property, you need help from a licensed pest control company to eliminate them.

Reliable Bagworm & Webworm Control

When bagworms and webworms begin to take over your trees, Champion Pest & Lawn will perform an inspection to find out which trees on your property are infested and whether the pests have entered your home in Oklahoma City. Our technicians will then use insecticide treatments to eliminate the webworms or bagworms, and will remove their nests from your property. We offer annual pest control services to ensure that these tree-destroying caterpillars never menace your property again in the future.

The Most Effective Webworm & Bagworm Control in OKC

Don't let an infestation of webworms or bagworms destroy your trees. Call Champion Pest & Lawn today for the premier bagworm and webworm control services! We offer bagworm and webworm control services in the Oklahoma City area including Edmond, and other surrounding cities.



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