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Lawn Weed Control & Fertilization

At Champion Pest and Lawn, we take care of all your lawn weed control and fertilization needs. We take pride in providing exceptional care of both residential and commercial properties. Our expert staff will meet with you and discuss all of your needs. Weeds can be a pesky nuisance and we want to eliminate them. We are excited to offer to new and existing customers our Champion 6-step lawn care program. This program is customized to your specific lawn's needs and will be executed by an experienced and licensed professional.

Typical Schedule of our Professionally Designed Programs:

  • January - March Pre-Spring Pre-Emergent & Weed Control
  • March - April Spring Pre-Emergent & Weed Control & Fertilization
  • May - June Early Summer Fertilization & Weed Control & Fertilization
  • June - July Summer Fertilization & Weed Control
  • July - August Fall Pre-Emergent & Weed Control & Fertilization
  • September - December Winterizing, High Potassium Fertilizer

Don't Forget Fall Lawn Winterization in the greater Oklahoma City and Tulsa areas!

The best way to make sure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs is through fall lawn winterization. When you go about winterizing your yard, you need two applications. The first application can be done in the early fall, and the last one can be done after the last cutting of your grass. Cool weather grasses can take in nutrients far after the last cutting and even into winter.
Even though the grass has stopped growing, new leaf tissue can still be very active. This leaf tissue will continue to absorb nutrients until the soil temperature drops to the mid-thirties



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