Raccoon Removal in Oklahoma City, OK

Do you have a raccoon problem in Oklahoma City that you need professional help to resolve?

Of the many wildlife species that invade homes in Oklahoma City, raccoons are the largest and the most destructive. Raccoons will generally start off by raiding outdoor trash cans but if they decide to move into your attic or crawl space, they'll create bigger problems by destroying insulation and roof shingles. As an additional danger, raccoons may carry the deadly rabies virus and they can spread parasites and bacteria to your property.

Because raccoons are both crafty and feisty, trying to remove them without experience is never a good idea. Let a licensed wildlife removal company put an end to your raccoon issues in Oklahoma City.

Raccoon Control Experts

If you've discovered a raccoon presence on your property in Oklahoma City, Champion Pest & Lawn will conduct an inspection to identify the raccoon's entry points to your home and its nesting sites. Our technicians will use live traps to capture any raccoons living in your home so that they can be humanely removed and relocated.

To prevent future raccoon infestations, we can fortify your Oklahoma City home with exclusion materials. This includes placing caps on vents and chimneys, and using wire barriers to prevent raccoons from breaking in.

OKC's Champions of Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are destructive pests that should never be allowed to establish themselves on your property. Contact Champion Pest & Lawn today for the best raccoon removal services in the Oklahoma City area!

We offer raccoon removal services in the greater Oklahoma City area including Edmond, Lawton, Purcell, and in other surrounding areas. Reach out today!



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