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Bagworm & Webworm Control in Edmond, OK

Are you seeking bagworm or webworm control services in Edmond?

Webworms and bagworms are species of moth caterpillars that can cause devastation to the trees around your home in Edmond. If you discover thick webbing stretched over tree branches, this means there is a webworm infestation. Dangling nests formed of plant detritus are evidence of a bagworm infestation.

Both bagworms and webworms will voraciously strip the leaves off your trees. Evergreens are especially vulnerable to webworm and bagworm infestations, which often kill the trees if left untreated. Both pest species are also known to invade homes in Edmond, feeding on clothes, plaster and more. If bagworms or webworms have infested your home and yard, let a professional pest control company get rid of them.

Expert Webworm & Bagworm Control

If you discover webworms and bagworms congregating on your trees, Champion Pest & Lawn will inspect your property to determine which trees have been infested and if the caterpillars have invaded your home in Edmond. Our specialists will exterminate the bagworms or webworms with insecticide applications, as well as removing all nests from your trees. Sign up for our ongoing pest control plans to guarantee that these pests won't become a nuisance on your property ever again.

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When bagworms or webworms start nesting in your yard, it's vital to act before your trees die. Contact Champion Pest & Lawn today for the most trusted webworm and bagworm control services in the Edmond area!



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