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Rodent Removal in Mustang, OK

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Of the many pests that can infest homes and businesses in Mustang, rodents are probably the most prolific. When mice and rats get inside your building, they won't hesitate to chew apart everything from insulation to drywall. They'll also deposit urine and feces as they please, creating a risk of disease transmission.

Unfortunately, the kind of traps you buy at your local hardware store probably won't put a dent in a rodent infestation. To thoroughly rid your Mustang property of rodents, you'll need to seek assistance from a professional mice and rat control company..

Reliable Mice & Rat Control

When you get sick of dealing with rodents in your house or business in Mustang, Champion Pest & Lawn will inspect your property to determine how rodents have been getting inside and where they're nesting and moving. Next, our experts will place baited traps in locations where rodents are sure to find them so that we can efficiently remove them from your home or workplace.

After all rodents have been removed, our technicians will set up exclusion materials to prevent future rodent infestations in your building in Mustang. Additionally, we'll repair all damage caused by rats and mice, and we'll dispose of all nests and droppings.


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Don't let a horde of mice or rats take control of your property. Connect with Champion Pest & Lawn today for top-tier rodent removal services in the Mustang area!



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