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Rodent Removal in Norman, OK

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Among the many pests that infest houses and workplaces in Norman, rats and mice are perhaps the biggest nuisance. Rodents are constantly filing their teeth by gnawing on wood, plastic, metal, insulation and whatever else they come across. Mice and rats will even try to take a bite out of live electrical wires, which may result in a power outage or a fire.

In addition to being very destructive, rats and mice may spread parasites and diseases through their droppings and urine. Standard snap traps may be sufficient for eliminating a few rodents in your residential or commercial building, but a large-scale infestation will be too much for the average home or business owner to handle. If you want to put an end to a major rat or mouse infestation in Norman, you'll have to call an experienced rodent control company.

Expert Mice & Rat Control

If you've found evidence of mice or rats inside your home or your business in Norman, Champion Pest & Lawn will conduct an inspection of your building to discover the number of rodents we're up against, how they entered your property and where they've been nesting and feeding. Then, our experts will strategically position traps throughout your building to catch and remove every last rat or mouse as quickly as possible.

After we've wrapped up rodent removal, our professionals will repair whatever damage the mice or rats inflicted on your building, and we'll also sanitize rodent-frequented areas to eliminate lingering bacteria or parasites. To keep you from having to contend with another round of rodents, we'll exclude them from your building in Norman using pest-proof sealants and barriers.


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Having rats or mice living in your home or office can result in serious damage and disease transmission. Get in touch with Champion Pest & Lawn today for first class rodent removal and control services in the Norman area!



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