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Mosquito Control Treatments in Moore, OK

Do you need mosquito control for your property in Moore?

Mosquitoes are very common pests in the Moore area, and they can be miserable to deal with. Besides being annoying, these blood-sucking insects can infect humans with diseases such as malaria and Zika. If you are sick and tired of dealing with mosquitoes buzzing around and causing irritable, itchy skin, our company is here to help with mosquito control treatments.

Quality Mosquito Control

At Champion Pest & Lawn, we know how frustrating it can be when mosquito infestations in Moore start to get in the way of everyday life. Unlike other companies that utilize ecologically dangerous chemical treatments that can have harmful effects on wildlife and people alike, our team uses safe yet effective mosquito treatments to get the job done.

Our mosquito treatments are safe for people, pets, and plants in your yard and are designed to reduce the mosquito population on your property drastically. Our pest control technicians will target specific areas on your property, such as standing water, to ensure the insecticide spreads throughout the mosquito population, including eggs and larvae. We can also revisit your property in Moore as needed to ensure the entire area is mosquito-free for years to come.

Moore’s Best Mosquito Control Treatments

If you are ready to make your mosquito problem a worry of the past, we want to speak with you. Get in touch with Champion Pest & Lawn today for top-choice mosquito control solutions in the Moore area!



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